How to use LINQ Query in Automation Anywhere

  • 21 December 2022
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Hii All,

Can anyone tell me that can we use LINQ query in automation anywhere?

If yes, then how we can implement/use it in Automation Anywhere A360?

3 replies

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Dear @Suyog 3667,


LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a set of features in the .NET framework that provides a consistent model for querying and manipulating data from various sources. It is not natively supported by Automation Anywhere, but it is possible to use LINQ in an Automation Anywhere script by writing a custom function in C# or another .NET language and calling the function from within the script.

To use LINQ in Automation Anywhere A360, you will need to do the following:

  1. Write a custom function in C# or another .NET language that uses LINQ to query or manipulate data.

  2. Compile the function into a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file.

  3. Import the DLL file into Automation Anywhere A360 by going to the "Resources" tab and clicking the "Import" button.

  4. Create a new script and add a "Call C# DLL" command to the script.

  5. Select the imported DLL file and the desired function from the dropdown lists in the "Call C# DLL" command.

  6. Pass any necessary parameters to the function and execute the script.



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okk, Thank you Zaibi for the reply.


There is one possible way. In Run Function you need to pass Datatable as String[,] as Input Parameter.

DLL Function arguments must be as below. and should return the multidimensional array.


you first need to convert this 2d array into datatable and after that perform required operation on that datatable and again convert it back to array.

it works.
reach out to me if you need help.