Hot key trigger doesn't work

  • 28 January 2022
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So i used a hot key trigger "crtl + shift + t" and it just doesnt work, i've searched for solution and the common one used to know why it doesnt work is event watcher UI which i don't find anywhere, does it because i'm on community edition so i don't have it? or is it because the version got upgraded so the placement is different? FYI this is the link i read>

1 reply

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Hello @David Jansen​ ,


Assuming the question is in context of v11, there should be an exe named "AutomationEventWatcher.exe" running for Triggers and Hotkeys to work. When you launch AAE Client, AutomationEventWatcher.exe gets launched automatically. You can check In Task Manager > Details Tab to check if that is Running. If its not there, close AAE Client and Kill it from System Tray Icon as well and Re-launch AAE Client and check if that Exe is running. If still not being launch, try to launch it separately from Installation path. Check Event Viewer > Application logs in case of any issue in launching this exe.


If above said exe is Running and still it doesn't work, You can follow the above shared article to re-launch the exe with UI mode which would help to determine why hot keys not working.