Hello! While referring to the sample video of installing client set-up on the PC, I came across this option displayed on the video but not on the community edition control room I am using, which is why I am not able to connect my pc to the control r

  • 13 May 2022
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the screen of the video to which am referring and the screen of my control room are attached along. the option goes like 'download client' which is not displayed in my control room.Screenshot (90)Screenshot (89)

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Hi @krishnapriya pillai​,


The video you are referring to is for the older version of Community Edition (CE). The new version of A360 has gone through some UI changes hence, some of the options also would have moved to different places.


For the latest CE, this option (connect local device) can be found by clicking on the 'green tick mark' icon under your username on the bottom left part of the screen. The green tick mark shows that your device is already connected to the control room (CR).


You may also refer to the below doc for another way to connect your local device to the CR>


Let me know if this helps or if you have any further queries.