Hello, In community addition, when I run a bot, "Unable to create session xyz, as it is already exists" error is coming. I tried with different session names also, but no use. Plz help me.(Session name means which is given to open and close excel fil

  • 18 February 2022
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When I run the same bot in company's control room, I am not getting that error. Its running well and fine.

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Hi @Neha Mathapati​ ,


The session names should be the same for excel open to excel close and other excel related actions as well


Please check the Company control room excel package version and community excel package version.?

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Hi @Neha Mathapati​ ,


Could you try creating a Local Session Variable and try passing that in instead?


Kind Regards,

Ashwin A.K

Read the error message "Session Already Exist". I believe you are working with more than 1 excel file, when opening the 2nd excel using Excel Open action you must be getting this error. Make sure every Open Excel action should have a unique session name.

I changed the excel package version, now its running fine. Thanks @Tamil Arasu​ 

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which version?

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I'm using the most latest one.