Facing issue while running the bot


Hi All,

I am facing issue while rinning the bot. I am getting “An unexpected error occurred. null Please contact system administrator.”in error box when the bot is failing, also when I tried try catch, I got error at line number 0. Plese help me.


Best answer by HemanthaPindra 3 July 2024, 08:03

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Are you running the automation in Debug mode? Does the same thing happen when running regularly?

Does the Assistant show any errors?

If none of these, could you attach a screen shot of your code?


I am also getting the same error, and whether i am running on Debug mode or not, the error is persistant.

Below is the screen shot.



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Hi @Akash.T2,


Try to create the new task bot and copy paste the entire code from old task to new task. I have faced similar issue earlier days. 

Tried following:

  1. Restarting the bot agent
  2. Reinstalling the bot agent
  3. Removing device and adding device again
  4. Trouble shooting with Try and catch and different scenarios
  5. Finally, I tried with creating new task and copying code to new one, then it worked for me.

Please give it a try and let me know.



Hemantha Pindra

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Hi @O R Molotsi,


It seems it is device error for you. Try removing the device and adding the device again from devices tab.

Make sure you have given the device login credentials in correct format. You can get the correct device login username form below steps.

  1. Go to command prompt
  2. Type whoami and enter
  3. Copy the username and provide in AA. → Goto my settings in AA → Devices → provide username.

Please try and let me know.



Hemantha Pindra



Problem solved, 


Thank you very much Hemantha