Excel name conflict with _FilterDatabase when openSpreadsheet

  • 22 January 2024
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I often have this problem when I need to open an Excel file that is manipulated a lot by people and bots. If the file is changed several times, there comes a certain moment when the file opens with this “Names in conflict” message and the “openSpreadsheet” action never ends, unless a new name is manually defined and thus the action continues normally.


Unfortunately, it is not possible for the bot itself to define the new name, because as mentioned, the action of opening the base does not end until the new name is defined. Any ideas on how I can resolve this issue?



6 replies

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Hi @Polyana 8891,

Verify if the Excel and OS are in the same language, this usually occurs when the language is different. 

we suggested to use all the references in a single language or modify their current work to a different name to resolve the issue. This issue is with the UI behavior in Excel itself.


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Hi @ravi.pothana!

The language is the same. I forgot to mention that this message box only happens when the bot opens the excel file, if we open the file manually nothing happens.

I tried to check the defined names to see if there were any that could be renamed so it wouldn't happen again, but there is no defined name that could cause a conflict. So I thought maybe there could be some way around this with Automation Anywhere.

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@Polyana 8891 


Check the following resource, probably is a issue related with undescore  in the name




I have exactly the same problem. What I have also noticed is that the problem only occurs with the Excel Advanced addin. If I start Excel via "Open application" the error message does not appear. 
Is there already a solution to solve the problem? The suggested solutions from Microsoft are not working for me, as the problem only occurs when opening via the robot. So normal users do not get the message.


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Hello, @kassnera!

Unfortunately I haven't found a definitive solution yet, none of the solutions presented worked for me. But something I've been doing that helps is taking the data from the database that opens with this message into a completely new database. Depending on the data, it takes a little work, but it solves the problem. But it is necessary to remember that if the base is manipulated a lot again, the problem will happen again.

I'm still looking for a definitive solution, but at the moment this is the most I can help!

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I would like to share a information about this problem. I have this same issue with my bot that updates a spreadsheet.

About keeping the same language in AA and Excel, both of them was set with Portuguese, but it still was not working.

Just when I set AA and Excel with English language, so the bot works normally. Then here is the secret.

But I understand this is not a definitive soution, just a workaround and Automation support should provide a better resolution.