Excel Counter/Variable operations

  • 17 March 2023
  • 3 replies

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OK, I know V11 extremely well. I am learning AA2019 360 Community Addition.

2 Silly questions that I can’t seem to wrap my head around:

  1. How the heck do you get the Excel Row Number you are on to use as a counter? I want the row number I am currently on during a loop?
  2. Say i want to increment the counter by +1. In aa V11 there were variable operations to do so, Is there an equivalent in V2019 360? 

3 replies

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All I want to do (which was simple in AAV11) is to log to file ExcelRow[0] and the current row # the loop is on. Here are my commands:


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This is the result I get:


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Ok, I figured it out. I had to do the steps manually. But this does work as expected.