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  • 16 February 2023
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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to download a file from a portal and send it via email. 

I have downloaded it but not able to send it via email as the file name is different each time .


Ex - Reportview(1)

Next time the report will be called Reportview(2).


How to navigate ? I used the capture command but i think it won't work.

3 replies

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I am also new to this. Here’s What I think use 

  1. Use loop iterates through the files
  2. Use Number to string set count to 1
  3. Inside loop Use file folder package to get the name and store it in variable
  4. inside now use email package to send the file and use variable created in the 3rd step to update the file name 
  5. Use Number Incrementer to increment the value of count.    

I know these are not accurate steps, but just try to understand and apply it. I hope it helps.

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Hi @Nishant.D ,


You can try the below approach which is comparatively less complicated and let me know your observation.


From your Brower (Chrome/Edge) settings, go to the Download setting and enable the below option.


So, each time when any file is getting downloaded, the Save As window will popup. This will allow you to assign desired name to the downloading file. If you want to have dynamic names each time, try adding the System variable ‘Seconds’ along with it.


Hi Nishant.D,


You can approach from two different ways:

  1. Loop the files and find the most current one that meet the criteria you need (name, extension ….). 
  2. Clean the download folder before downlead files in it, and you will have always static name for the file ( Ex - Reportview ). This is the simplest way, but not the most elegant one