• 19 April 2024
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Hello, I’ve got this message and keep having it despite removing and reinstalling the bot. Can you help?


Best answer by DS78 19 April 2024, 19:28

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Hello , 

can you check on your device list if there are duplicates for this devices?

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No, I can’t find anymore the way to see the control room page, always end up in the community… don’t know if it si correct, but when subscribing for the community I was asked to change PW, I did, so I guess there is only 1 password and only 1 login page, with both community and work ambiences… or not?

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You might have connected this device with other control room. Please remove it from there and then try to connect by installing bot agent again.

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Well, it’s hard to do it for me, when I’ve just said I don’t know how to login there, and even less if there is a second (other) control room… anyway never mind.