'Deploying to your computer' buffering prompt has been bothering over 24 hours now. Additionally, device is getting disconnected -connected within seconds recently.

  • 19 April 2022
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I see many posts mentioning this issue. Does anyone from AA take notice of issues here or is it left to community members to figure out?

6 replies

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Hi @Rohit Makhaik​ : Thank you for writing it to us here. We request you to log tickets to address this issue. you can email me at Also please feel free to create a new ticket in case you have any issues in the future.


Email is generating below auto response:

Dear Customer,

Case 01802007 has been closed and is unable to capture new updates. 

Hi @Rishi Kesavan​ ,


The same issue is faced my me today in community edition. Could you please help with the fix for it?

@Rishi Kesavan​ I'm experiencing this exact issue too. Can you please post a solution here when you find one?

@Rishi Kesavan​ I am having the same issue. Please post a solution when you find one. I have done multiple reinstalls using community edition, service restarts, etc. and had no success in fixing it. There are no working solutions that I have found.

Give it time. It'll heal by itself.