Copying an entire row from one worksheet to another

  • 27 March 2023
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Good Afternoon, fellows.I have two separate sheets: Sheet "A" and Sheet "B". I've already managed to get the number of a cell in the spreadsheet "A". Now I need to copy the entire row of this cell from worksheet "A", to worksheet "B". How can I do this? Thank you in advance.

3 replies

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Hi @interplan ,

You can’t copy the entire row. However you can use the Excel Advanced Package

Open Excel→ Get multiple cells --->Loop Action (read only the A row and directly write into the B ).


Please note, you can also try with copy the entire row by passing the simulate keystroke shortcut keys 

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Hello @interplan ,

Step 1 : Open Excel A & Excel B (Different session name)

Step 2: Get multiple cells from Excel A , make sure u pass here the same session name which you have used to open the excel sheet and willing to copy the data from.

Step 3: Loop through all the row in the table

Step 4: Use key stroke to copy the entire row to clipboard

Step5: Set the variable to other excel sheet.



Happy Automation.

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Hi @Shoeb Shk ,

why doesn´t run?? can anyone advice me??



SOLVED: “c” & “v” must be in lowercase: