Community Edition - Task Stuck "In Progress"

  • 7 February 2022
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I started a task using the API to the CE Control Room, but the task never started. The task shows as "active" but the bot runner has not run the task. The runner machine has become disconnected from the CE CR, and can not be added to the CR, nor can it be removed from the CR (Only one allowed; and not in a state to be deleted). What is more - the task apparently started 52 years ago!


Any advice on getting a task killed in the CE CR please? As a user, I'm not finding a way to do it.

5 replies

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Hi @Simon Ford​ ,


Could you please restart the bot agent service? this will help you to kill the task.>

Thanks for the suggestion, but you will see in my original message that the runner is disconnected from the Community Edition CR with a task stuck in "Active" state. I have restarted the runner (and thus restarted the services) several times, which unfortunately has had no effect...

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Could you please create the support ticket to automation anywhere and they will help you to resolve this issue.



This happens to our bot's a lot as well. Have you recived any explination to why this is happening?


@Simon Ford​ 


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Hi Karl


The only solution for me in CE was to create a case with AA Support. No real permanent fix was identified.


Cheers, Simon