Community edition is slow. This is a regular feature now. It keeps on notifying or deploying. Please help in resolving this. I am trying to run a bot but its not running. It shows deploying and sometimes it runs that too after 4 to 5 min.

  • 4 February 2022
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Its observed that Community edition is not stable since last couple of months. any reason for this?

8 replies

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Hi @Dhiraj Sobti​ ,


Currently CE2 is down please try after sometime, if you still face any issues please get in touch with your PEM or CSM on your Questioners.

Yes its is frustrating. This is now a regular feature that tool is slow, infact very slow. Dont know why this issue is not resolved. This has bee happening since last few months.

I hope corrective measures would be taken.

I have been having this issue all day and now full locked out of my instance. very frustrating.

Hi , I am aware of this.

My humble submission is why this has become frequent? also why tool becomes slow in between frequently?


Hi ,



after a while got this error. Please advise


Received a mail that it is resolved. Bot ran , however it was slow. but using Windows package and trying to use maximize action it doesn't refresh. it is taking ages.


Tried creating a variable but still same