Community edition is getting disconnected again and again while working on any package or variable.

  • 28 April 2024
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Hi Team,


Facing issue while working on Community edition, when I am trying for practice like while using any package like loop or excel or If etc or any variable the community edition is getting disconnected again and again, so kindly help here, PFA screenshots,


3 replies

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Update your browser.

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3 Quick Fix we have right now.



  1. Use Firefox browser.

  2. [CHECK THIS ]

    You need to install the versions below to that version: of Google Chrome browser: 124.x (124.0.6367.60 or 124.0.6367.61) and Edge browser: 124.x (124.0.2478.51)

  3. Run below script in your browser console after you login to your automation anywhere instance. This will remove error for this session  


    function removeAriaOwnsAttribute(element) {if (element.hasAttribute('aria-owns')) {         element.removeAttribute('aria-owns');     } } function mutationCallback(mutationsList, observer) {    mutationsList.forEach(mutation => {             removeAriaOwnsAttribute(;     }); } const observer = new MutationObserver(mutationCallback); observer.observe(document.documentElement, {     attributes: true,     childList: true,     subtree: true,     attributeFilter: ['aria-owns'] });             ================================================================

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Hello @manoj.barnwal14 ,

This issue is now resolved. If the Chrome or Edge browser isn’t updated automatically, please upgrade your browser to the latest version

Rima Sengupta 

Pathfinder Community Team