Community Edition Doesn't detect popup of .net application

  • 29 April 2024
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Hi im trying to automate the .net application using AA community Edition but it doesn’t detect newly opened popup window in the app can anyone know the answer.



3 replies

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Based on the explanation, my understanding is that you are automating a desktop application.

When automating a desktop application, ensure that the device's display resolution settings are set to 100%.

Regarding the recorder:

1. Try all four different recorders in Automation Anywhere A360:


2. Additionally, attempt using the anchor feature.


If none of the universal recorders are working, then utilize the AI Sense recorder.



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@Ganesh Bhat Problem is not in the Capture element when i find the application screen to capture element application screen doesn’t shows in the dropdown menu and this screen is a popup of desktop application where it contains table of data to be reconciled can you help me to resolve this TIA and also table element selecting is also problem it doesnt distinguish from one another although recorded process works fine


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Ah, this is what happens when people break the rules of UI development.  😂

You may wish to consider using the Image Recognition package to find and click on this element. The Find Image in Window action may work for what you need.