Can't open an excel file

  • 10 February 2023
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I am running and old bot that I used to use and one of the steps is to open an excel spreadsheet.  It never had an issue with it in the past but now it will not open the file. I have tried excel advanced and basic and neither works.  When I use file open however it opens with no issue.

5 replies

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Hi @dean 4496 ,


Could you please share the Error which you are getting while opening through Excel Basic & Advanced packages?


Also, if possible, try to change the package version and check.

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What do you mean try to change the package version and check?

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Hi @dean 4496 

Can you update the package version and give a try?

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How do I update the package version?

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Is 2010 excel compatible with Automation 360? if not, what’s the solution?