can i use bots on my system without purchasing enterprise license

  • 28 June 2024
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Hi can anyone help me out to configure this as i have downloaded and installed it but dont know what to do further.



3 replies

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Hi @Linthoi ,

You have downloaded the Migration Tool. “ Used for migrate Control On-prem to Could Control Room”

Please use the below link and explore the automation anywhere….

Get Community Edition FREE

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Hi @Linthoi,

It’s unclear what your question is, but @Tamil Arasu10 response is probably what you want. To run the Enterprise version you will need to procure a license. If this is just for your own bots, then Community Edition is the best bet.

Please note the fine print:

Community Edition use by small businesses. An organization is considered a ‘small business’ only if: 1) your organization has less than 250 machines (physical or virtual), 2) your organization has less than 250 users or 3) your organization has less than $5 million US in annual revenue. If your organization exceeds any one (1) of the three (3) examples above, your organization is not considered a small business. A small business, including its affiliates, may only use the Community Edition from Automation Anywhere on no more than five (5) machines within the organization and small business may only process/upload up to 100 pages per month with Document Automation.

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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 and @jon.stueveapeople 

Thank you both for the help I’ll be practicing on bots in community edition.
I just wanted to under what is the function of the application that I downloaded.