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  • 6 December 2022
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Hello there!

I am looking to make a bot that can automatically take the data from a submitted form and extract it over to an existing excel file and continue to add data every time the form is submitted. I was informed that this is possible but I am struggling to make it work. Any help or suggestions? 

Many thanks!

8 replies

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Hi @MontoMarko21 ,

Would you be able to provide some details that you’re struggling to make it work ? Like Which Action or Error details ..etc


Thanks in advance!


Scenario - If the Data is getting submitted through the webpage and getting stored into database then, you want to pick the records instantly after submitting then these are the ways - 

Solution 1 - If database is accessible, then connect to the database using connection string and pick the records and perform the transactions one after another and update the record using queries. For the continuous run through Bot schedule.

Solution 2 - If Webservices or Rest APIs are available then try using to get and post the records.

Solution 3 - REAL-TIME Submitting and triggering the BOT can be achieved using the WLM - work load management (Queues). Integrate built in Automation Anywhere - REST APIs in the application itself (Web application) and insert the item in to work Item Queues in real time and immediately it will trigger the Bot to perform the automation.

Hope this will work.



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Hello @Tamil Arasu10!

If I am honest I don’t exactly know where to start. I am able to open my website and extract an empty form into excel but I’m not sure how to only do that when an employee fills out the form and submits it. 

Hope this clarifies things. 

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Hi @RishabK100891 ,

My data isn’t currently being stored in a database. I would like it to directly to be put into an excel file. Is this possible or do I need a database?


In this case, you need to have the control over the submission of data, then it’s possible. So, do you have the control on the Submission of data.

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Yes I do @RishabK100891 

Where would I go from there?


Hi MontoMarko21 - Ok if you have a control on the submission of data, then either use Database OR WLM (Queue) to do it real-time processing as given below in points #1, #2.

Coz, you can’t make use of Excel here as for the Realtime processing, you need to insert the data in to excel and at the same time the same Excel you would require interacting for further processing into target application. which is not possible in Excel as both AA Bot and you application can’t interact with the source Excel file at the same time.  

But, if you want this not to be in a Real-Time, then you can push the data to Excel, and then run the Bot.

#1 - WLM - use need to use the WLM services

#2 - Database - Its easy, make use of stored procedures or direct queries to handle the transactions. 

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hi @MontoMarko21 ,

Have you tried to use a intermediate file like a csv using Log_to_file action? You can append data from a source like a form.