AARI web bot stays "In progress" but is never deployed

  • 22 October 2021
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I have build a simple taskbot just to confirm if I was doing something wrong or if there was a problem with AARI web on the community edition (or maybe on my pc). The simple taskbot receives a string as an input variable and open a message box with the content of the string. When the bot is run by itself, it works (the bot is deployed on my machine and the message box appear. I've created a simple form to enter the string and a simple process: Request (start) is the simple form then the simple taskbot is executed. Whenever I try to run the process I can complete the form but the taskbot stays "In progress" and is never deployed on my machine. While the taskbot shows "In progress" in AARI web, I can still run the bot manually and it works. What could cause the issue?

4 replies

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Please verify the user roles/permission and observe if user had all required permission for the folder where the tasks reside.

Try allocating one custom role to the user in which permission for all folders are given, and test the bot.


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Bhavya Patel

Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry, I thought I had closed the issue.

It's not a user roles/permission issu​e since anyway it's the community version and not the enterprise version.

It seems to be a problem with my computer or with ​the connection between my computer and the control room or some sort of latency. The bot would suddenly be deployed and run on my computer 20 to 30 minutes after the process has launched it.

I haven't done any other tests afterwards.​

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Hi @Alexandre Dusseault​ 


There is an issue on the Community Edition that is impacting how AARI Web Bot Task are deployed.


Whenever a Bot Task is stuck on the process, the suggested workaround is to restart the Bot Agent on your device. This can be needed every 3-5 runs by experience.


The next Community Edition patch will fix this behavior.



Thanks Geoffrey, I'm going to do new test with A360 soon. I'll keep that in mind.

Much appreciated!