export a bot from community edition

  • 22 September 2023
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How can i export a taskbot to another person in automation anyehere community edition?


6 replies

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Hi @sravanthi 9047 ,

Now we have an option to Export the Bot from Community edition to Enterprise edition as well as to community edition also(If you want to send the Bot to your co-workers community edition).


You should have at least one exported zip file package from your Enterprise edition. If it's with you, yeah you are good to go with the below article.


Please find the below article to make this miracle to happen:


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@Tamil Arasu10 

I think @sravanthi 9047 is on community edition and want to export to someone else who also has the community edition... am i right?

If so - i think this is not possible with the community edition.

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i already gone through this link,where is the enterprise CR?.and i did not find content Api calls option to copy.How to switch enterprise CR.

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@Marc 1985 @sravanthi 9047 
You can use this extension to copy paste bots across same/different control rooms.


Existing bot

  1. Open bot in view or edit mode.
  2. Launch extension, click on “Tools” tab > copy to clipboard

New bot

  1. Create a new task in another control room
  2. Paste the copied data into bot content
  3. Click patch content, wait for success message.

Your new task will have all the actions copied, you will need to refresh the new task.

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  • Hi Sumit.K7

  •  thank you for reply. i did find the options which you shown above  in my assistant.i want to share the code to my collegue which i did for the given task. In uipath we can zip the folder and share it in teams or we can do mail also. is there any chance to do in that way.

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my assistant screen will looks like this