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New Bot Framework Package Available in Bot Store

  • 28 March 2024
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New Bot Framework Package Available in Bot Store
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Need to streamline repetitive tasks for each automation project?  

Need to improve your existing logging and documenting capabilities? 

I’ve got a solution for you! 


I’m Sumit Kumar, an RPA consultant with over seven years of experience developing scalable automation solutions. I’d like to introduce you to my newly released Bot Framework package, now available in Bot Store. 


I specifically developed this package to help teams streamline bot development, enhance logging, and facilitate comprehensive documentation within tasks for the Automation Success Platform. That means you can eliminate the need to maintain multiple task files required to perform config reading, manage the environment's storage, application state, logging, and more. 




Each activity or action of the package displays a clickable documentation icon to learn more about the feature and exactly how to use it. Some key actions of this package include: 

  • Config Read CSV/Excel/JSON/XML: Streamlines the import of configuration data into dictionaries from various file formats 

  • Device Create Folders: Automates the creation of directories, ensuring the existence of necessary parent directories 

  • Device Delete Files/Folders: Allows for the rule-based deletion of files or folders with options to exclude specific items 

  • Documentation About/Caution Sequence/Comment/Sequence: Offers a range of documentation utilities from basic commenting to detailed sequence documentation with caution highlights and screenshots 

  • Log Message: Provides session-based logging with options for detailed messages and screenshots 

  • Logs Start/Stop Session: Manages the lifecycle of logging sessions from initiation to termination 


Personally, my favorite feature is the robust logger. This useful action will automatically capture the task location, username, machine name, screenshot, and nested and complex variables in visual format for smoother development and maintenance. 


Note: The code is also available to adapt as needed—the GitHub releases section will have the most up-to-date version. 




How can you get the most out of this package, you ask? Here are a few ways you can put it to work: 


  1. Framework Templating: Standardize bot development practices across multiple teams in your organization 

  1. Detailed Logging: Simplify complex workflows where detailed traceability and error tracking are crucial 

  1. Process Documentation: Document automated processes within your automations and include clickable links and screenshots, ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance 


All in all, this Bot Framework package is an indispensable tool to make automations significantly more efficient and maintainable. Download it today and be sure to check out the other fantastic packages available in Bot Store to help supercharge your automation workflows! 

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