Issue Running Bot in Production Environment

  • 12 March 2024
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Hello Team,

I am encountering an error while attempting to run the bot in the production environment. The error message states that the file does not exist in the specified folder, despite the file being present in the folder path.

Please refer to the attachment for more details.



Prashant M


4 replies


You're remoted into a computer. Is the file located on the computer you're actually running the automation on and not your local computer?

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Yes we are remoted into a computer.

yes the file  located on the computer and not on my local computer.

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The only possible reason for that message is that the file either can't be found or, due to permissions, it can't be opened.

Try opening the file on that computer directly.

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@Prashant M 

Try to open the file using Excel Advanced: Open File and create any file directly in the same folder and verify if you notice any error message.