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  • 27 May 2024
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Hello, I have a question regarding obtaining a certificate!
Is it possible to open an open book by any chance? I wonder if I can open a word or website during the test!
Also, should I turn on the webcam?

Since it's a translator, I don't know if my question was delivered well. Thank you! :)


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DO NOT USE THIRD-PARTY SOURCES FOR YOUR CERTIFICATION TEST. This is a test of YOUR knowledge, not someone else’s.

Your best bet is to have two screens attached to your computer. One for the test and one with an Automation Anywhere Control Room. This way, as you take the test, you can look at the Control Room and verify your answer.

These tests are not proctored, so your webcam is not necessary. This means we trust you to do the right thing and not use question dumps. If we find that people are making use of dumps extensively, we will have to engage a proctoring service, which will cost you an additional USD $250 per certification attempt. We don’t want to have to do that because those costs are prohibitive for most people.

If you see a dump, please DM me and let me know where it is so we can get it taken down. Don’t let unscrupulous people get certified!

We also have extensive anti-cheat measures on the bot submission portion of the Master Certification. To date, the system has banned 313 people from taking the Master Certification. Do your own work and show us that you know how to make the use cases yourself. (They’re not even that difficult!)

Hope this answers your question.