Automation Foundations Bot Camp Week 1 Toolkit 🔧🔨

  • 6 November 2023
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Automation Foundations Bot Camp Week 1 Toolkit 🔧🔨
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Ready to kick off the 1st week of the Automation Foundations Bot Camp? Let’s go! 🚀

Whether you're new to intelligent automation or experienced and looking for a refresh on fundamentals, Automation Foundations Bot Camp is for you!


Here's what you can expect:

🎯 Easy, On-Demand Learning: Our Citizen Developer Career Quest offers a hassle-free learning experience. With bite-sized lessons, usually between 5 to 15 minutes, complete with hands-on exercises, you can comfortably grasp automation concepts at your own pace.

💡Live Coaching Sessions: Engage with me and other Automation Anywhere experts in our weekly coaching sessions. This is your space to get your questions answered, delve deeper into concepts, and network with fellow participants.

🏆 Compete for a Cause: Upon completing Bot Camp, you'll be all set to participate in the Bot Games: Season of Giving Edition. Not only will you earn a certificate, but Automation Anywhere will also make a donation to the United Way of the Bay Area on your behalf.

Let’s get started...


This week, we're taking the plunge into some fundamental courses that will set the stage for your exciting automation journey.


Your Week 1 roadmap for success:

✏️ Sign Up: Ensure you've signed up for Automation Foundations Bot Camp. This is your official entry into the world of automation excellence... and it's how we'll know to send you emails each week with important updates!

📌 Access Community Edition: If you haven't done so already, it's time to grab your free Community Edition account. All of our training uses this version of the Automation Success Platform, so don't wait to get signed up.

📚 Complete Your Courses: Dive into these courses. They will take about an hour total to complete, and they are the building blocks of your automation knowledge:

💬 Ask Questions: This forum is your space to share your learnings, insights, and any questions related to the courses. Our entire team is here to support you, so don't hesitate to reach out. Let's learn and grow together!

🚀 Join Our LIVE Coaching Session: Mark your calendars! We have an exciting LIVE coaching session scheduled on LinkedIn Live for November 9th at 12:00 p.m. ET. It's your chance to engage with me and my team, and special guest Matt Stewart from PNC. Together, we'll explore this week's content, and get your questions answered in real time.

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey of automation! If you have any questions, feel free to ask right here. Let's make Week 1 an automation adventure to remember.

Happy automating!

7 replies

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I did register for the bot camp, but have not received a confirmation email. Based on the information being posted here, I do not believe that is a required prerequisite to participate, correct? 



Jason Harper 

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Thank you Micah for sharing week 1 agenda. I am super exciting to start the learning journey.



Dinesh Kunta

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Hi Jason (@harperjg)! 

Thank you for reaching out. I have checked our registration list and it shows that you are registered. To help resolve any issues you might be having, I will connect with you directly.

The Week 1 details provided above match the information in your email, so feel free to proceed without delay.



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Hi ready to go for next videos and more. Nice Info.


Hi, I am registered and ready. Just to check are the live sessions recorded, just in case we are unable to attend one and need to catch up during our working hours?

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Hi, I am registered and ready. Just to check are the live sessions recorded, just in case we are unable to attend one and need to catch up during our working hours?

Live session will be recorded and available on demand if you aren’t able to join us live. Thanks for joining us @Helen V!

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Hi Team, Completed week 1 modules. Simple and very informative. Thank you!!