Challenge Page Intro: Supply Chain

  • 9 August 2021
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Challenge Page Intro: Supply Chain


Bot Wars week 1 was awesome! Great to see so much enthusiasm for solving the Front Office challenge. We're back with an even more difficult challenge this week designed to test your abilities as an RPA developer and encourage you to creatively solve problems in new ways. Each challenge page is created around a departmental theme designed to simulate tasks that organizations commonly need to automate. The theme for week two: Supply Chain. Note: Even if the industry you work in has nothing to do with Supply Chain, you'll be able to follow along, enjoy this challenge, and find some similarities in automating unrelated sure to give this one a go.



Watch the intro video above (or read the rules below) and check out the challenge page to get started!


Challenge Objective


Pragmatic Procurement Solutions is missing some details from recent Purchase Orders. For each of the listed PO's, a ship date, order total, and assigned agent must be filled in. Most of the missing PO details comes from the Procurement Anywhere web app (username: password: paypacksh!p). The exception here is with the Assigned Agent. Read the state details for each PO in the Procurement Anywhere app, then look up the state assignment in the Agent Territory XLSX linked on the challenge page.




Beyond completing the challenge with 100% accuracy (which is obviously the core objective), the only rule for this week's challenge is that your bot has to log into & use the Procurement Anywhere app as a part of its execution.


Sharing Your Results


Once you've successfully completed the challenge, share a screenshot of your results on social using the hashtags #BotGames and #RPAugust and tag 3 other RPA developers who you challenge to complete this exercise. We want to celebrate your accomplishment as well, so our social team will be looking for individuals who share their results on social media (and tag/challenge others) throughout the month of August to reward them with limited edition Bot Games swag. So complete and share your results for each week's challenge to increase your chances of being selected.




Have fun with this challenge. One theme that showed up quite a bit on social media for week 1 was: "This is my time if I was building this bot for a customer" vs "This is my time if I'm trying to crush all other Automation 360 developers" - so consider how you might solve the problem differently depending on your target "customer". Finally, if you tried it and are getting stuck, don't worry, we'll be back on Thursday with a challenge page tutorial session where we'll be doing a full bot build to demonstrate one of the ways to solve this challenge.

5 replies

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Today, after several attempts, I was able to complete this challenge. I feel great satisfaction and I have learned many lessons and great learning. Sometimes we believe that the challenges will overcome us and that we will not be able to achieve them, but with effort, dedication and the God's help everything is possible. I want to continue completing challenges since they allow me to continue perfecting myself in this exciting world of robotization process automation.

Greetings from Argentina! Sorry for bad english. I’m working with this challenge, but now i can’t open the challenge’s page. “500: Internal Server Error”. Anyone knows if it’s just a temporal error? Thanks!

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Greetings from Argentina! Sorry for bad english. I’m working with this challenge, but now i can’t open the challenge’s page. “500: Internal Server Error”. Anyone knows if it’s just a temporal error? Thanks!

Can you please check now?

Here is the challenge page URL for your reference:


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Hi everyone, i don't understand the reason, but the email and password are showing as incorrect. Did anyone else experience this error? I can't log in and because of this i can't complete this botgame.