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  • 23 August 2021
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It's our 4th and final week of the Bot Wars challenge pages. If you've stuck around and completed all of the challenges up until this point - congratulations to you! That's a huge accomplishment! I can't say enough about how encouraging it has been to see the Automation Anywhere developer community coming together to solve these challenges, and help one another along the way sharing tips, pointers, and approaches. We cranked up the difficulty this week to put your skills to the test. This week's theme is all about Accounts Payable…


Watch the intro video above (or read the rules below) and check out the challenge page to get started!

Challenge Objective

Your organization has begun an effort to automate the entry of invoice details into the Integrated Invoicing Solutions accounting application. Download the provided zip file of invoices for processing. As you process each invoice, enter the invoice details into the Integrated Invoicing Solutions web app - adding all line items as needed. Once invoice details have been added, upload the matching invoice image, and submit the invoice for final approval. Submit all 7 invoices to complete the challenge.


You're welcome to process the invoices before launching the challenge page...this challenge is not about trying to test the processing power of everyone's machines (should you choose to use IQ Bot Local processing). However, you will need to use the "Choose File" upload function of the page to select the invoice image matching the data entered for each invoice. No trying to fake this with JavaScript, you must use the file upload capability.

Sharing Your Results

Once you've successfully completed the challenge, share a screenshot of your results on social using the hashtags #BotGames and #RPAugust and tag 3 other RPA developers who you challenge to complete this exercise. We want to celebrate your accomplishment as well, so our social team will be looking for individuals who share their results on social media (and tag/challenge others) throughout the month of August to reward them with limited edition Bot Games swag. So complete and share your results for each week's challenge to increase your chances of being selected.


You'll likely find this to be the most challenging of the Bot Games exercise pages. Not only will invoice processing be new for some of you but entering data where you have a dynamic number of fields to fill for each invoice can require a bit of planning.

If you want to quickly get up to speed on forms processing in IQ Bot, check out this super helpful YouTube video walking through the process of setting up and testing a learning instance. Best of luck on this week's challenge, and don't forget, we'll be back on Thursday with a solution tutorial covering one of the ways you could create a bot to complete this challenge!

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