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  • 11 January 2021
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In this session, we'll look at how to test the Enterprise A2019 Salesforce Package available from Bot Store. The Salesforce Package enables developers to quickly and easily perform insert operations, make updates, fetch Salesforce object details, and delete existing objects (standard and custom). We'll walk through setting up the package and understand how each of its actions work by directing the sample bot included with the Bot Store package.


Included Actions:

  • Authenticate
    • Securely connect to Salesforce using insecure string (though not recommended), variables, or values stored in your Credential Vault
    • This authentication returns a token. This token doesn't need to be used by a developer, but the return will "Error" or "Exception" (dependent on the error) should the authentication not work properly.


  • Execute SOQL (Query)
    • Leveraging the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL), developers can query for Salesforce objects - reading back specific object attributes based on the query provided.
    • If you arent familiar with SOQL, consider using the Salesforce Workbench SOQL Query Editor. It's an easy way to build and test SOQL queries and see exactly what the returned data looks like based on the SOQL Query you're testing.
    • A JSON is returned on success, in the case of a failure, check for the phrase "Error" in the returned string for more information on the failure reason.


  • Insert Object
    • Using the insert object action, developers can create new Salesforce Objects (standard or custom types/attributes included)
    • If you aren't completely familiar with the required attributes for the object type you're looking to create, check out the Salesforce Object explorer for more details on the proper formatting for attributes and the minimum attributes required for the creation of certain objects.
    • Upon successful insertion of a new object, the Insert action will return the new object's ID. If the insert fails, check for the values "Exception" and "Error" for more details on the failure reason.


  • Update Object
    • Need to update some attributes of an existing Salesforce Object? The Update action enables developers to update existing objects based on providing the object ID for the object to update.
    • Like with the Create action, be sure you know the proper attribute format for performing an update - i.e. if the attribute value must come from a picklist or is a date/time format.
    • Upon success, the Update action will return a value that says: "Object Updated Successfully"


  • Delete Object
    • Deleting a Salesforce Object can also be done easily through the Salesforce Package
    • Supply an object ID for the object you need to delete, and the delete action will delete the object for you - providing a "Successfully deleted + object ID" upon success.
    • In the case of an error on delete, the action will return the text of the error - so check for "Error" and "Exception" in the returned string to ensure deletion success.


Hopefully you found this Bot Store Breakdown helpful. The sample bot included with the Salesforce package demonstrates the use of each of these actions by creating a sample case, reading some data from it, updating it, reading the attributes again, and finally deletes the sample case.


Additional Resources


Want to learn more about the Enterprise A2019 Salesforce Package? Check out the following resources to learn about how it works, how it can be set up, and how you can use it to automate Salesforce related tasks in your organization.

  • Enterprise A2019 Salesforce Package GitHub
    • Want to see exactly how this package works? Download the source code from the official Automation Anywhere GitHub page to explore how the package was created, understand how its various actions work, and how you can customize it to add even more actions should you need them.
  • Enterprise A2019 Salesforce Package Documentation
    • Sometimes the best way to learn about something is by reading the documentation (written by the author of this package himself!). Download the documentation to understand more about how to get your Salesforce environment set up with a connected app - that will enable you to connect to your environment to take operations.
  • Enterprise A2019 Salesforce Package on Bot Store
    • Ready to download? Get this package for free on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store. Be sure to check back often to see if there are any new versions published!

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