Upgrading V11.3.0.0 to V11.3.1 or Later

  • 14 February 2024
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Hello, I'm using a translator right now.

In order to solve the above problem, I tried to access the link in the reply, but nothing came up, and I saw several topics provided by AA, but I don't know how to upgrade it..
If anyone knows anything more, please help me :(  

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Hi @gksdkwo ,

Below is the download link for V11.3.1.2.


Please note that upgrading CR, please point out the old database name during the installation.


Installation Steps:

  1. Download Software:

    • Obtain the Automation Anywhere Control Room installation package from the official Automation Anywhere website.
  2. Extract Installation Package:

    • Extract the contents of the installation package to a location on your server.
  3. Run Installer:

    • Run the Automation Anywhere Control Room installer executable.
  4. Follow Installation Wizard:

    • The installation wizard will guide you through the setup process. Provide the necessary information such as installation directory, database connection details, and administrator credentials.
  5. Database Configuration:

    • If required, configure the connection to the database server. This involves providing details such as the database type, server name, port, username, and password.
  6. License Activation:

    • Enter the license details when prompted during the installation process.
  7. Installation Confirmation:

    • Confirm the installation settings and proceed with the installation. The installer will copy files, configure services, and set up the Control Room.
  8. Complete Installation:

    • Once the installation is complete, review any post-installation instructions provided by Automation Anywhere.
  9. Start Automation Anywhere Services:

    • Start the Automation Anywhere services, including the Control Room service.
  10. Access Control Room:

    • Open a web browser and access the Automation Anywhere Control Room using the specified URL. Log in with the administrator credentials.
  11. Verify Installation:

    • Verify the successful installation by checking the Control Room dashboard and confirming that the necessary components are running