Unable to Start Task with Unattended Bot Runner (Autologin not Set)

  • 23 March 2023
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Hi everyone. 

I am trying to run a task with an unattended Bot runner. However, I am unable to select the available bot runner since the status is depicted as “Autologin not set”. Here is what I did beforehand:

1) Created a Task and put it in Public
2) Created a Bot Runner User and assigned the following Roles: AAE_Basic, AAE_Locker Admin, AAE_Bot Migration Admin
3) Assigned a Unattended Bot Runner License to the Bot Runner User
4) Went to Administration → Settings → Devices → Auto Login Settings and followed this Guide:
5) Went to  Users and made sure that Auto Login Attributes from my Bot Runner is stated as “Can auto login”
6) Went to Automation → Run Bot → Run Bot Now → Task → Next → Available Bot Runners

However now I can’t pick the Bot Runner since the status is “Autologin not set”.
Did I miss something?

Any advice would be helpful.
Thank you!

1 reply

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@embitious  check if you provide user name domain\username or only user name 


user name should be ad\xxxx