Should outlook be opened while executing connect in A360

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi ,

Could someone help me understand if outlook has to be opened to get mails from Outlook in AA360 version.

Appreciate your responses

3 replies

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Hi @Teja 480 ,


No. If you are using Outlook instead of Email Server, you just need to have Outlook to be available on the runner machine with a User profile configured in it.

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@Teja 480  Not required to open outlook to send mails from AA. outlook.exe should available in runner vdi.

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If you want to read the “unread/read/based on specific subject line” emails which you are receiving and act upon it or perform some actions on it here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Make sure you have outlook installed and logged in with the dedicated userprofile which you are willing to use for automation.

Step 2:  Use “connect” command under email action package.

Step 3: Use loop action and pass the same session name and select the other fields as per your use case as below.(Make sure you select the proper mail box user)

 Step 4: Inside loop action perform your conditional checks and operations to perform.

 Step 5: Disconnect email session.



You do not need to open the outlook.


Happy Automation,

Shoeb Shk 😊