SAP Performance Slowdown

  • 13 October 2023
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I am experiencing an issue with the SAP application where the performance appears to get increasingly slower with each transaction executed by the bot.


We are using SAP transactions MIRO, MIGO, ME21N for this process.


The first iterations of the loop appear to happen with good performance, but further iterations seem to get slower until eventually SAP crashes. For example:


Transactions 1-10: 1 min each

Transactions 10-15: 2 min each

Transactions 15-25: 5 min each

Transactions 25+: the bot is probably going to crash somewhere around here because of unresponsive SAP application.


I have tried implementing login/logouts between a set amount of iterations, but this makes no difference.

The only way that the performance resumes is to end the bot runner session and re-deploy the bot.


This does not happen when a user is doing the same transactions manually.


I have seen someone else having this problem on another site:, which suggests this is a general RPA problem.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


4 replies

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Hi @AWilson,

Have you tried adding a delay between actions to see if that works out? 

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@AWilson: I’m facing the exact same issue, were you able to find a resolution?

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Hi @ShaliniT101812 ,


Unfortunately the issue still exists today, we work around this by breaking the transactions up into more manageable groups (20 transactions per run), then deploying the bot as many times as required.

This can be done automatically and intelligently using the control room APIs, but sadly it’s quite a complex solution to a basic issue.



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Hello @AWilson ,

Thank you for the quick response 😊.

The CPU utilization was going high during Bot run for us.

I have replaced “wait for condition” command with delay for the period where SAP is in loading state after saving some data in SAP, basically issue was resolved by not letting AA interact with SAP at instances where SAP is loading by giving delays instead of using wait for condition/If commands.