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I have been assigned a development project to automate handling of customer cases in Salesforce lightning. I have created a bot mostly using the recorder package which first appeared to be very stable, but after approximately one month some of the DOMXPath values have changed slightly from the values I originally captured.


I wanted to ask if anyone has any live bots using Automation Anywhere A360 interacting with Salesforce lightning, and if so what challenges (if any) did you face and what practices did you use to overcome them?


Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello Wilson,


This is to inform you that if any changes will happen in salesforce its possible that DomXpath may change, in this case we need to recapture the object so that new path is used.


The recommended way is to use recorder latest package always and try to avoid using the custom properties.


If you have any questions please let me know.


Thank you,

Prabhakar Jha

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Hello @Adam Wilson​ 


I hope you are doing well.


Please refer to the below KB article for the dynamic DomxPath.>


If you still need further help kindly open a support case.