Power queries do not refresh for some tabs with excel

  • 28 March 2023
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I have power queries in the excel which retrieve data from EDW. There are multiple tabs in the excel. 

The bot will launch the excel that contains the power queries and use excel shortcut key to open the queries screen at the side. Subsequently, either use the image recognition to click on the refresh icon in the query or excel shortcut key to refresh that particular tab. The bot will switch tab and do the same refresh activity. 

Its working perfectly fine in DEV environment.


However, when it was move to PROD environment, it managed to refresh the first few tabs and the remaining 3-4 tabs will not be refresh. I observed it in attended run and the bot is not clicking on the refresh icon or using excel shortcut key to refresh that particular tab. 


Not sure if anyone has the same experience and how you manage to overcome it. Do kindly advice.

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