Outlook.mbot SelectAccountByName not working (error: Invalid Account Name)

  • 26 April 2022
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I am having issues selecting an account by name to select a shared mailbox, which has been added to my account.

When I use the metabot logic with my account ( it works.

However when I use it for the shared mailbox it gives an error.

I tried with "" and "\\" - same result.

Any ideas?

2 replies

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Hi @Delyan Slavkov​,


Configure all the shared mailboxes in the outlook using below steps and then give it a try. I hope this will resolve your issue.

a)      Open Outlook

b)     Click on "File" tab in the top left

c)      Account Settings > Account Settings

d)     Click on "New" to create a new email account

e)     Select "Email Account" and then click "Next"

f)       Type the shared mailbox address into the "E-mail Address" field and leave all the other fields blank, then click "Next"

g)      When/ if the auto-discover server box pops up, check mark the "Don't ask me about this website again" and then click on "Allow"

h)     When the credentials box pops up asking for your username and password, delete the shared mailbox from the username box and type in your '' and personal domain password instead. This will authenticate your credentials and verify if you have access to this shared mailbox. If you get a "you do not have permissions. “Error message, please contact your local IT support for them to grant you access to that shared mailbox.

i)       Choose Next > Finish > Close.

j)       Restart Outlook




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@Delyan Slavkov​  :


if you are still facing an issue then please create a support case


How to create a support case :


if you don't have access to the above link, email the AA Support team "" to get access.