Is there any way to "decrypt" the data from A360 DB --> WORKITEMS table --> 'json' column??

  • 31 January 2023
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I want to build a power bi dashboard that fetches data from A360 DB. Most precisely I want Power BI to fetch the data of the workitems processed.


I see that this data is contained under WORKITEMS table. However, if a queue has more than 10 columns, the data (presumably) needs to be queried from the ‘json’ column of this table:

How can I decrypt this data?? I think that it’s using RSA for encryption, but I have no idea about where is the key for this…any help would be appreciated


2 replies

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@Andoni  PRIVATE keys will be available here for decryption




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@rbkadiyam have you personally tried to decrypt what I say with those keys?