how we can do the Auto increment in excel

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i am using a loop which there is search textbox where i put the data that i get from excel and paste it and extract some data and do some steps and paste into same excel in diffrent columns but it iverwrite the data in the same column doesnt move forward to other rows

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always best practice to use Loop and Set cell from excel package.



Suppose you have two column  in the excel file column A and Column B and you get the data from Column A and paste somewhere and in return you get some other data and we need to insert that data in column B , So for this (Auto increment in excel ) for column “B”

you need to initialize a COUNTER Variable 

if you are reading the excel (for each for in worksheet )

we need to used set cell 


Once you set the cell for the relevant row , you need to increase the counter.

Hope  this will help.



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i have tp insert in B C D E rows how would i increase counter in that case!!!! do i have to write same thing Bcounter.number.tosrtring  for b as well as c and d respectivaly


Yes logic will be same for other columns as well.

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There isn’t enough information to form a definitive response to your query. If you want to contact to help troubleshoot it may help.