How to copy the number (just one field not all) from SAP to excel file

  • 22 March 2022
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Hi Team,

Could you please help advise how can I copy or bring some amount/field from SAP to the excel file I create? Which optionson the left in automation anywhere (control room) I have to select? Please advise the steps

Thanks in advance

5 replies

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Hi @Chanya Sri​ ,


If the SAP you are working with is 750 patch 9 or above, then I would recommend using the SAP: Get Text Action to retrieve the required text.


Of course, you will need the Path ID for this, and if its in a table then it will be tricky and you might even have to export the entire dataset just to get to the value you are interested in.


If nothing else works, then you can try using the Capture Action instead and copy the text with keystrokes(in the Capture Action itself)


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Ashwin A.K

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Hi @Chanya Sri​ ,


i'd recommend checking out below SAP Meetup Tutorial hope it will be helpful,>

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Welcome @Chanya Sri​ 

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