How can I show the user's incorrect entries when creating a Change Request in SAP?

  • 12 May 2022
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Hello everyone,


I'm developing a bot that creates a Change Request in SAP. I made some fields (material type, industry sector etc) for the user to enter. If the user makes an incorrect entry in the input fields, the errors made are displayed on the SAP screen. I want to show these errors as output to the user.


I knowingly made incorrect entries and got errors as seen in the screenshot. How can I show these errors as output to the user, since different errors may be received each time?


I have uploaded screenshots so you can understand my question.

Thank you very much for your answers.


Screenshot 2022-05-12 114932-1InkedScreenshot 2022-05-12 115013-2_LIInkedScreenshot 2022-05-12 114432_LI

1 reply


The Most Flexible way is to use the SAP Scripting. in the SAP we have SAP Recorder which will generate a VBS Script of the Same, once the Entry is done you can run this script to check the errors, if errors are shown that can be taken and displayed to the user or logged or taken screenshot and shared with the user for reference


The other way is using the object cloning get the error, check if " does not exist " keyword present in the error