Hi team, Query related to Gitlab integration with A360 Control room and code migration from DEV -> Test -> Prod.

  • 12 August 2022
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In the normal development projects, there would be a master branch (production), QA branch(test), and other working branches for multiple Developers. And when the Dev Code is production ready, the dev team raises a pull request which is approved by a lead and merged to QA Branch and so on.


1. Could you please guide me as to whether such a setup is possible with AA control rooms in DEV, PROD (multiple environments) etc i.e Code migration from DEV to QA environments be managed by git and avoid the manual import /export


2. Or should the set up be like Gitlab integration be set up in each CR separately. And code migration is done manually from one CR to another via Export/Import.?


Could you please provide an insight on which option above is feasible with automation anywhere?

2 replies

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Good Question @Lisha Daniel​ 


Automation Anywhere's development lifecycle looks slightly different than that of traditional development.


  1. When an automation is checked into a public repository - Automation Anywhere is using an embedded version of Git to track that version, as well as any subsequent versions that may be created - hence why you're always prompted for a comment when you check in a new bot or make updates to an existing bot that you publish to public.
    1. This enables you to roll back, compare versions, etc as needed - seeing a full version history
  2. When it comes time for promoting an automation to QA, you'd need to export your bot (and dependencies) from that dev control room, and import it into your QA Control Room.
    1. As of time of writing (Aug 15, 2022) this can be done manually, or it can be done through a script (or bot) that exports the files from one CR and imports them into another.
  3. Same would be true for moving from QA to Production - you could export from your QA environment, and install into the production enviornment
    1. Just be sure you always consider all dependencies when performing this export to ensure all environments have all the files/versions needed
  4. There IS the capability to to integrate your Control Room with a remote Git Repository (which is great for backup purposes) - but using the restoration capabilities within the CR means doing a FULL restore of all files/folders to your environment, not selectively by automation...which I dont think is the functionality you've described that you're looking can read more about it here:>

@MICAH SMITH​  Thanks a lot Micah for a detailed and clear response. Really helpful in the CR and Git Setups.