Hello everyone, To automate terminal emulator we use Terminal emulator package, but here i have an different case where terminal emulator itself is embedded in the browser (chrome). Please do suggest how can i automate it.

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Attaching the snap shot, if we see the terminal emulator has opened in the browser itself rather than standlone .exe file, now this is been embedded in the chrome itself@KhaledMostafaMe

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i think it should be accessible from the terminal as well, you will have to connect with the product support team and identify which terminal can be used to access mainframe. generally this type of functionality given to users so that they can access application easily without worrying about the software setup.


I not had experience with mainframe but had seen an similar example where SAP system was imbedded into browser and we had to automate that. we were able to access same SAP system using SAP for windows as well.


hope this would help a bit.

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Thank you very much @ishan mahajan​, I'll give a try.

Also please let me know for which version of AA you've used to connect SAP which is embedded in browser? its A360?

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Sorry for delayed response, i was using a different RPA tool that time