Excel Looping

  • 10 August 2023
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I have one excel file with config values. How to loop through the excel file from which I will get the following result. Attached sample excel file.
so i will be creating three variables- vWayneID, vDavidID, vBrunoID 
after looping vWayneID should get assigned with 10, vDavidID with 7 and vBrunoID with 8

3 replies

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Hello @Akshay.M2 

Thank you for sharing your question.

I would  recommend that you submit a formal support ticket for a direct collaboration with one of our support team members.

To submit a support ticket, visit the Support Portal. (LINK)

If you are unable to access this page, please reach out to your account representative for troubleshooting assistance

Thank you

Rima Sengupta

Pathfinder Community Team

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Hi @Akshay.M2 ,

Please use the excel advanced package,

Use the Open action → Get the single value → Assign into the variable. ( You have 3 rows only, so it much easier for assign directly to variable.)


Or you want use the loop, then please use the if package as well. to check the values from the sheet vWayneID, vDavidID, vBrunoID and pick the next that value.


Please find the below screen,



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Here is what I would do since your table contains only three values: