Email Session Problem

  • 11 October 2023
  • 3 replies

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Hi all.

Hope you’re well.


The problem I’m experiencing is related to the Email: Connect action.

I select one of two options eg: , from the dropdown and when I run the bot it gets sent from instead of which I selected. I have even set as my default outlook mail to send/receive emails from.

Please assist asap.

3 replies

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Hi @Demayne Govender,

For sending mail u can use “Send Email” action by selecting “Outlook”,

for all other actions we need to use Email : Connect

provide some more information/clarification to understand the problem(with screenshots)

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As you can see… on the right hand side I have 2 available email addresses to connect to, however, i only want to send it from the top email address and not from the bottom one. Even if I select the top one it keeps sending emails from the bottom email address after clicking save and run.



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Hello @Demayne Govender , As i said Earlier for sending mail using outlook as option, it will take the default outlook mailbox. Here in your case i think the default mail id is “”.

if you want to send mails from from other mail id, instead of outlook u can use “Email Server”.

“Send : Email” action does not link with Email connect. Email connect is used only to read & manipulate incoming emails.