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  • 18 August 2023
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Hello, I’m new using Automation Anywhere. I’m creating an automation where I need to click on a link “Save as PDF” and this link downloads a PDF file. I need to save the path of this file in a variable, because I need to read the content of the file later. How can I save the path of the file? I tryed to use the action “Download File”, but it does not seem right, because I need to trigger the action through the UI, not providing an URL.



4 replies

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Is it being saved somewhere by default? What browser are you using?

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Hi @joaoguimb ,

While using the Download File, you have to specify the folder location to save the files.

As you mentioned above, need to click link to download file that should be stored local path (Downloads). 

 Another way - you can extract URL ( which need to click)

pass the URL  below and mention the save location as well.



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It has been saved at the Downloads folder. I’m using Google Chrome

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Just change your chrome settings to not default to downloads. You can then select a folder of your choice and loop through the folder to retrieve file name at each iteration.