create bot to download pdf with print button click on form page

  • 15 February 2024
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I want create bot in automation anywhere 360 this bot take reference number from excel file and then put in text box(textbox is with placeholder) of website and then click search then next URL is open then click on print button of form and download this pdf. Please provide automation anywhere 360 steps and what action we need to use in bot to automate.



9 replies

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Hi @saqib6197 ,

Please find the below,

Keep in mind that the exact steps and actions might need to be adjusted based on the specifics of your website and application.

  1. Open Excel and Read Reference Number:

    • Action: "Excel Automation > Open Spreadsheet" to open the Excel file.
    • Action: "Excel Automation > Read Cell" to read the reference number from the Excel sheet.
  2. Open the Website and Input Reference Number:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Open Browser" to open the website.
    • Action: "Web Recorder > Keystrokes" or "Web Recorder > Set Text" to input the reference number into the textbox.
  3. Click on the Search Button:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Click" to click on the search button.
  4. Navigate to the Next URL:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Navigate" to navigate to the next URL.
  5. Click on the Print Button:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Click" to click on the print button.
  6. Download the PDF:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Download File" to download the PDF.
  7. Close Browser:

    • Action: "Web Recorder > Close Browser" to close the browser.
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after 5th step new popup is open and this pop also have print button like in picture but i tried too many ways to doing this step but not worked. please guide or take session with me if you have time.



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You can directly use the below options which save the time for you.


Use the Print action to print a file. This action enables you to print a file based on its size and the date it was created or modified.



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Click on the Print Button:

  • Action: "Recorder > Click" to click on the print button

please select the application as window type and window title should be dynamic so use the wild cards in the end.


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this function print file from pc not from url  
if from url how we go through?

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After download the file from site, loop the downloaded location for get the filename and pass the path\filename. Extension to the print action. 

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can you come in teams session ?


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file downloaded but its not open 
after download when i open this file its show below message 


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