Check on dynamic box in SAP

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi, I want to check on the box from a table in SAP but the position of the box will always change following the data submitted

How can I check the box that I want every time the position change? I also couldn’t focus on the table area from recording to loop for each row of the table and check the box based on table property.

4 replies

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Hi @usernsj ,


Try using the Recorder action and check for the particular Object property which is consistent throughout the environmental changes.

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Dear @usernsj,


To check a specific box in a table in SAP using Automation Anywhere, you can use the SAP Table Extract command to extract the data from the table and then use the Write CSV command to write the data to a CSV file. Once the data is in a CSV file, you can use the Read CSV command to read the data and then use the Loop command to loop through the rows of data in the CSV file. Inside the loop, you can use the If command to check for the specific data that is associated with the box you want to check, and then use the SAP GUI commands to check the box. This approach will allow you to check the box even if its position in the table changes.



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@Zaibi How to get the field path for the table as the table area could not be focused using AA recorder

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Hi @usernsj ,


The SAP and the Recorder package can detect SAP elements in the application. However, from a usability standpoint, the Recorder package is preferred over the SAP package as it is more intuitive when compared to the SAP package, such as detecting SAP Object paths automatically.