Can't save device credential with AD account in Community

  • 26 September 2022
  • 2 replies

I'm trying to able to save the device credentials to create bots, and I already try every way from apeople and reinstall bot agent、chrome extension, but still not working.

Is anyone know how to solve it?

By the way, my computer is login with AD account.

2 replies

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Hello @Zack Zheng​ ,


This is Dhwanit Parekh from Automation Anywhere Technical Support Team.


1) Open a Command Prompt window on your laptop.

2) Type "whoami" (without quotation marks)

3) Copy the whole username that shows as output of above command, as it is shown in "domain\username" format.

4) Paste it in that credential field in the screenshot you have shown.

5) Try to save it.


Let us know if that helps.


Many Thanks @Dhwanit Parekh​ 

I have tried this way,But it's not working.