AWS EC2 instances with AA

  • 8 September 2023
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We are in the process of building out an Automation Anywhere model using AWS EC2s. Where we can spin up the EC2 instances on demand via the Control Room. What is the best way to do this? Can the Control Room spin up the instances? Or is there something else?

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4 replies

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The Control Room cannot manage powering on the devices. I am not sure how you’d even do this with EC2s; even if you have a dozen unattended botrunner licenses in a pool, you need to install the Bot Agent on each and then that named machine is tied to the Control Room via the heartbeat.

The only way I could see you doing this would be to create a static pool of x machines, install the Bot Agent on each and connect to the Control Room, create your Device Pool in the Control Room. But powering off and on based on workload is going to have to be managed outside of the AA ecosystem.

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Hi @Granger,

There is no native Automation360 package that currently supports launching EC2 Instance from Control Room, you can try leveraging available AWS bots and packages for Automation360 from bot store.

AWS Lambda Package:
This package actions allows you to create bots that can launch AWS Lambda functions and the lambda function can then launch EC2 instances. 



Hello @Granger ,

If at all you have tried exploring Botstore for leveraging third party packages for your requirement, there is one available to create EC2 instances as well. See if that helps. You can in fact use that as a base and create your custom package as well, which can exactly accomplish your requirements.

Create AWS Instance

This bot can create a 2-tier instance with 10 GB of space in the Amazon Web Cloud



  • Read user name and password from variable
  • Get instance with 10MB of space
  • Automatically select Mumbai Reason and tier-2 free version
  • Create RHEL - Red Hat Enterprise Limited

1. This bot will click all the required navigation.
2. There are some required conditions that the bot will check off.
3. Automatically the bot will create a free 2-tier instance with 10GB memory space in Amazon Cloud using the AWS Management Console.




Can i use community edition bot to deploy in AWS Ec2 instance , if yes,
Please let me know the steps.