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  • 13 March 2023
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  • AA_Client unable to login, showing the below error

4 replies

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Hi @Vaishnavi.I1 ,


The above error is encountered when there is a version mismatch between the Control Room and the Client.


Contact your Control Room administrator to ensure the versions of Control Room and Client that are installed are compatible. 

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Hi @Padmakumar,

I have the Admin Rights, to check the version of CR we are not able to access it., it’s been a week now that we are not able to access, both CR and AAE Client

The AAE Client version is 11.3.

Also we have restarted all the services related to AA, but still no use.


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Check the Version details through Programs and Features and see if there is any mismatch there or not. Refer the above link for reference. 

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Kindly verify if you able to open the Control Room using a web browser. 

  1. Check that the Control Room URL mentioned in the login screen is correct
  2. Open a Web-browser on the AAE Client machine and navigate to the Control Room URL. You should be able to see a login screen if you are not already logged in into the Control Room
  3. Ensure that the port mentioned in the Control Room URL is open for communication
  4. Check if the  AASettings.xml file present in the Application Path is not 0 kb in size(corrupted). If it is, follow the below steps:
    1. Stop the Client service
    2. Rename the  AASettings.xml
    3. Start Client service
  5. Check the Proxy Setting in web browser. If its enabled, disable the Proxy settings.
  6. Check the Main logs for any SSL/TLS errors (Could not establish a secure channel). If present, by default the Control Room supports TLS 1.1 as minimum TLS and a list of cipher suites mentioned in the traefik.toml file in the Control Room installation path under Traefik directory. Reach out to the respective VDI/IT team to have the protocols/ciphers checked for the affected VDI/VM.