Unable to connect to the control room

  • 23 February 2023
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Unable to connect to the Control Room.

This may be due to multiple reasons. To continue, please 1. Check to see if you have network connectivity 2. Check to see if you are connected to your VPN Then, try to run the bot again.

If you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.

Code: registration.error

please help me on this.


Best answer by Padmakumar 24 February 2023, 08:17

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7 replies

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Hi @Kudimiramraj ,


What is the Bot runner status showing? Is it connected?

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HI @Padmakumar ,

No its not connected. 


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While I’m trying to connect local device to control room getting below error. attached the screen shot.

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Are you using Community Edition?


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@Raul Jaimes 

Yes I’m using the community edition.


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HI @Padmakumar ,

No its not connected. 




Cause 1 :  Proxy auto-config (PAC) file related issue

Cause 2: Bot Agent Device and Control Room server has different time zone
Solution 1 :
  • Please follow below article
  • If still you are getting errors related to proxy it can be possibly related to proxy auto-config (PAC) file.
  • Steps to setup System level Proxy PAC setting
1. Download ‘PSTools’ from
2. Extract the zip file downloaded from the above step
3. Open an Administrative command prompt 
4. Change to the ‘PSTools’ directory extracted in step 2 eg: if extracted to D:\PSTools  
5. Execute the command ".\psexec -i -s -d cmd" (new command prompt will be opened) 
6. Execute the command "whoami" and verify the user name is "nt authority\system" 
7. Execute the command "inetcpl.cpl" in the “nt authority\system” command window
a. Click on “Connections” -> “LAN Settings”, 
b. Select “Use automatic configuration script” checkbox
c. Enter the Proxy PAC URL
8. Click on “Ok”
9. Now try to add the device to control room 

Solution 2 :
  • Make sure that Bot Agent Device and Control Room server time zone are same
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Restart Bot agent service.

Execute the diagnostic tool to identify any error related with proxy or websocket.


C:\Program Files\Automation Anywhere\Bot Agent>AADiagnosticUtility.exe -checkWSError