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  • 12 January 2023
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i get the error like this “Remote service call erred out '! IQB.Exception.generic!” at iq bot upload document

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@Kaviti Moulika 

Kindly check the follow KB:

Possible Solutions :

  1. The input folder must have the file being uploaded.
  2. The file which is being uploaded to the IQ Bot must not be open or in use by another application.
  3. In the loop command, the filename.extension must be added in the loop condition after defining the input file folder structure.
  4. Use the Download IQ bot Instance API {{IQBot_URL}}/gateway/learning-instances/{{instance_path_here}}/files/archive?docType=SUCCESS and check if the output folder is populated. Should it be successful, check if the output folder is a network/local path. The run as device user should have full permission on the network/local folder which you select while uploading the document. Right click on the Output folder > Properties > Security > Edit > Add, and then add the runner user. Finally, give full permission to it and save.
  5. Add the appropriate IQ bot roles to the Bot runner user and try running the Bot again.
  6. Batch size in IQBot command will be reduced from 100 files to 5 files to ensure larger files are downloaded with in 1 minute .
    Upgrade and import bot-command-iqbot-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar Package to fix the issue